Featured Item: Organic Soap Gift Box

There’s something incredibly luxurious about nice soap. So, a box of beautifully packaged soap makes a wonderfully indulgent gift for that certain someone. I think giving someone lovely soap is the equivalent of bringing someone flowers – it’s a sensory treat.

Soap is a great gift for practical reasons, too.  It’s a consumable, so it’s great for people who are weary of accumulating more ‘stuff’ yet there’s no sugar rush involved as with sweet consumables.  And, there’s no guessing about sizes or colors.

The beautanical gift box of organic soap is gift giving ready – four organic handmade soaps in a kraft box (made of 100% recycled content) lined with tissue paper. The box is finished off with a bright green ribbon and a hand-stamped gift card. If you put your message in the comments, I will fill the gift card out for you and send it on its way. This is a truly unique handmade gift that will pamper the recipient for months to come.

And of course, this makes a great gift for yourself :)

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